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SURVIVING JOB STRESS: How to Overcome Workday Pressures

Surviving Job Stress by John B. Arden Ph.DONE OF A SUITE OF BOOKS BY JOHN B. ARDEN PhD presenting practical strategies to help you improve your memory and survive PTSD, OCD, PANIC DISORDER, ANXIETY, and JOB STRESS.

This is a powerful, practical guide. Written in an easy-to-read style, it offers invaluable help in recognizing, controlling, and living with job stress. Each of its 19 chapters includes vignettes of people with specific symptoms of job stress. And since stress on the job may intensify the progression of other diseases or conditions, Dr. Arden explores the interaction between job stress and medical problems including diabetes, thyroid conditions, Meniere’s Disease, and many more. Throughout the book, helpful charts and lists illustrate and sum up critical information about the best ways to adapt to job stress. A chapter on medication describes the common effects and the side effects, and gives the typical dosages for a variety of drugs. The chapter on nutrition includes the major amino acids found in various foods and their effects on mood and cognition. This is the book that will help you cope with stress in the workplace and minimize its negative effects.