BRAIN-BASED THERAPY WITH ADULTS2018-10-15T14:44:54-07:00

Project Description

Brain-Based Therapy Books by John Arden, PhD

Brain-Based Therapy for Adults by John B. Arden Ph.D

TWO NEW BOOKS on the integration of neuroscience and psychotherapy research.

BRAIN-BASED THERAPY WITH ADULTS: Evidence-Based Treatment for Everyday Practice

This book provides a straightforward, integrated approach that looks at what we currently know about the brain and how it impacts and informs treatment interventions. Authors John Arden and Lloyd Linford, experts in neuroscience and evidence-based practice, reveal how this new kind of therapy takes into account the uniqueness of each client. Presentation of detailed background and evidence-based interventions for common adult disorders such as anxiety and depression offers you expert advice you can put into practice immediately.

“These authors in this new volume see the value in integrating the biological and psychological in a more seamless way, to both inform and drive the integrated approach further.”  – Metapsychology, May 2009