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Project Description

The Brain Bible by John B. Arden Ph.DTHE BRAIN BIBLE -How to Stay Vital, Productive, and Happy for a Lifetime by John Arden, PhD

A NEW BOOK – offering breakthroughs and benefits from neuroscience research. For the general audience.

The Brain Bible is based on recent developments in neuroscience and health psychology. It is a self-help book consistent with Dr. Arden’s Rewire Your Brain which was published in April of 2010, and offers the general public down to earth advice based on new developments in neuroscience. The Brain Bible, like Rewire Your Brain, is meant to be a practical “hands-on” self-help book for readers wishing to thrive through middle age and into their senior years achieving optimum brain health.

Readers will learn about how to maximize their potential and avoid the brain degrading habits during this pivotal period. They will learn to “rewire” their boomer brain based on well researched methods of dealing with problems and live a vibrant life free of self-imposed limitations. Simply put, we cannot change how we think and feel without changing our brains.

Instead of a gimmicky quick fix, this book offers a formula of the five main factors shown to contribute to brain health. You can remember those five by using the mnemonic “SEEDS.” The SEEDS formula represents the important healthy brain factors that you need to “plant” now and cultivate through the rest of your life. The research behind each factor of the formula is rich with new developments from neuroscience that overthrown many of our preconceived beliefs about longevity and indeed about the brain.
Endorsements for ‘The Brain Bible’

“Dr. John Arden provides an uplifting read for those of us who look forward to aging actively and enjoyably. This book is as scientifically rigorous as it is readable, accessible and peppered with fascinating stories about real people and the things they do or do not do which are contributing to their health and longevity. Building on the latest biomedical and psychosocial research, he beautifully describes the lifestyle factors that we can control and which have enormous effects on the length and quality of our lives. This is a must read.”
– Ian Robertson, PhD Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, Author of The Winner Effect

“John Arden’s new book is an important contribution to the health literature particularly for the focus on applying neuroplasticity principles in conjunction with preventative positive health behavior. His command of the scientific literature across a broad range of areas is impressive, as is his ability to communicate findings in a clear and accessible way for both professionals and individuals interested in this topic. In essence John Arden has provided a systematic approach to enhancing neurological functioning as we age as well as optimizing our health. If everyone followed this book as a guide there would be dramatic reductions in cognitive decline, mental health problems and health problems saving the health care system billions of dollars a year. I commend this book to health care providers and people interested in caring for our most important organ, the brain, which embodies the sum total of who we are in life.”
– Dr Matthew Bambling. University of Queensland, Department of Psychiatry; School of Medicine, Australia

“If you want to redefine the aging process to be what you want instead of what you have observed, read this book, to have ample guidance for healthy longevity.”
– Charlotte A Tomaino, PhD, author of Awakening the Brain: The Neuropsychology of Grace

“This book translates the latest developments from the abstruse world of the neurological sciences into accessible, real-world guidance for those who are sharp enough to choose to remain sharp. Essential reading for helping professionals and their clients.”
– John Soderlund Publishing Editor, New Therapist South Africa

“Meet your brain–and get to know it! Dr. Arden introduces us to this wondrous part of who we are as humans and in the process provides superb advice on how to optimize our brain’s longevity and abilities. He writes clearly with an energetic, engaging style, using many examples, real-life analogies, and copious amounts of research-based input. The material is effectively presented via a five factor, user-friendly grid—SEEDS—which emphasizes understanding brain basics and practicing life skills for well being. I want to highly commend Dr. Arden for his skillfully integration of research, clinical practice, and behavioral health into a highly readable, relevant guide for nurturing “mature” brains and for aging well. Remember you are never “over the hill” in life, he reminds us, but rather there are many more hills to explore. And this book is a great guide for exploring these hills as we enrich our lives with a more fully functioning brain.”
– Kelly O’Donnell, PsyD, CEO/Consulting Psychologist, Member Care Associates, Inc., Geneva, Switzerland

“Successful aging just doesn’t happen, it takes knowledge, wisdom, and action. Read this book and let John Arden take you on a fascinating and very human journey through the science and steps to healthy aging.”
– Louis Cozolino Ph.D, Pepperdine University, Author of The Healthy Aging Brain

“Dr. Arden’s The Brain Bible is the companion to his well- received book Rewire Your Brain. Dr. Arden lucidly cuts through the cacophony of confusing advice found in the media on the important topic of how to protect your brain and live longer. He distills the scientific literature on brain function and shows how we can make step-by-step improvements in those lifestyle factors which most influence our aging brains – healthy relationships, education, exercise, diet and sleep. This is an important and inspiring book for anyone interested in healthy aging.”
– Mark Thorpe, PhD, Head of Psychology, AUT University, New Zealand

“The Brain Bible is the ultimate guide book for living healthy and happy. Dr Arden suggests simple behaviors, supported by the latest science, to maintain and improve brain’s wellness. They constitute modern commandments for an achieved life!”
– Marcel Bernier, M. Ps. Psychologist, Laval University, Québec, Canada. Author of La Rupture Amoureuse