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Dr. John Arden Speaking Endorsements

“Dr. John Arden has spoken at several of our events in Ireland and always elicits great feedback from the audience with his enthusiastic, fast paced, informative presentation. His Rewire Your Brain seminar takes his audience on a journey into the workings of the brain and the wonders of neuroscience in a language that everyone can understand. I highly recommend him as a speaker.”
– Jane Stephenson, Dublin, Ireland, MD Seminars.ie

“John Arden is one of our most inspiring speakers and his trainings have received excellent evaluations. His integration of the latest knowledge in neuroscience and its clinical applications is impressive, and he conveys this with warmth, humor and clarity.”
– Liz Shean, Editor of Psychotherapy in Australia, Melbourne Australia

“Consistently one of the highest rated CMI seminar presenters.”
– PESI Continuing Education

Comments from participants in Sydney, Australia

“I loved the way he pulls it all together, has easy to understand examples and a charismatic character”

“John introduced a complicated subject in an easy to understand way”

“Good balance of theory and practical”

Comments from participants in Canada

“This was the best workshop I have attended. Dr. Arden is so engaging. He makes complex information accessible and available.”

“He was a fantastic speaker who used personal stories, a sense of humour and experience to create a purposeful and live use of information.”